Dentsply Cavity Access Set

Dentsply Cavity Access Set

4000 4300

Manufacturer: Dentsply Sirona

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Remove the whole pulp roof to have access to all root canals

Have direct root canal access (without interferences) for better endodontic quality

Have an irrigation reservoir during root canal treatment

Provide a correct basis for the restoration

The Cavity Access Z Set - developed in conjunction with Dr. Ruddle, Dr. Machtou, and Dr. West - offers an improved method for access preparation in a single package. 


  • The Cavity Access Set allows you to remove the whole pulp chamber roof giving you access to all root canals,
  • To have an irrigation reservoir during RCT,
  • To provide a correct basis for the restoration,
  • To have direct root canal access for better Endodontic quality.
  • These burs are used to cut in a surfacial way into the occlusal surface in order to remove the whole pulp chamber roof – including all pulp horns – by gradually moving down towards the pulp chamber


  • Set composition:
    2 x carbide round burs
    1 x diamond round bur
    1 x transmetal bur
    1 x diamond conical bur
    1 x X-Gates


  • Refill:
    6 burs blister pack (REF A 0305-100)

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