Dentsply ChemFil Superior 10g

Dentsply ChemFil Superior 10g


Manufacturer: Dentsply Sirona

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  • 1.Adhesion to dentine… that matters in the long-termDevelops the desired adhesion and establishes a true, permanent bond to hydroxyapatite even under the moist conditions of cavities close to the gingiva. Excellent adhesion ofChemFil® Superior allows a conservative approach to restoration because minimum cavity preparation is required when carious lesions are restored. Restorations with ChemFil® Superior are long-lasting and durable.
  • 2. Proven long-term fluoride release.
  • 3.Pleasing aesthetics for more demanding patients
    ChemFil® Superior facilitates superior color match to surrounding enamel,
    resulting in pleasing aesthetics; moreover, its color remains unaffected by oral
    fluids in the long term.
  • 4.‘Snappy’ setting
    ChemFil® Superior maintains a constant viscosity during manipulation and
    placement, and quickly turns into a rock hard mass at the end of the working time;
    this ensures safe and fast restorative treatment.
  • 5.Practitioner friendly
    The easy-to-mix behavior of ChemFil® Superior hand-mix allows a high powder
    loading for extra mechanical strength and aesthetics.


Working Time :-

  • The working time from start of mix is approximately 2 minutes

Setting Time :-

  • The setting time from end of mix is 2 to 3 minutes

Dentsply ChemFil Superior is a fast-setting glass-ionomer restorative material consisting of a blend of aluminosilicate glass and polyacrylic acid. The powder is mixed with distilled water to produce a filling material that adheres to dentine and enamel producing tightly sealed, strong and esthetic restorations.


This material is suitable for use in :

  • Class V lesions and cavities
  • Class I and II cavities of deciduous teeth
  • Class III cavities
  • Temporary and semi-permanent restorations
  • Fissure fillings (minimal Class I cavities)


  • Direct or indirect pulp-capping
  • Permanent restoration of occlusal stress-bearing areas.



1 g powder contains :-

  • 0.84 g x Aluminium-sodium-calcium-fluoro-phosphoro-silicate
  • 0.15 g x Polyacrylic acid
  • 10 g

ChemFil® Superior is a fast-setting glass-ionomer restorative material consisting of a blend of alumino silicate glass and polyacrylic acid. The powder is mixed with distilled water to produce a filling material which adheres to dentine and enamel producing tight- ly sealed, strong and aesthetic restorations.

ChemFil Superior is available in 7 shades: L, LY, LYG, LG, DG, DY, GB.

ChemFil Superior complies with the requirements of ISO 9917-1:2003 for glass-iono- mer restorative materials.


Cavity Preparation

In all classes of cavity this may be kept to the minimum required for caries removal. Preparation of mechanical retention is not needed except when restoration is liable to be subjected to high displacement forces.


Surface cleanliness is paramount for the development of adhesion. Clean freshly cut enamel and dentine with water spray and air-dry. Where no cavity preparation is neces- sary, clean the tooth surface with rubber cup and pumice or a prophy paste (Zircate® or Nupro®). Wash thoroughly with water spray and air-dry.

Pulp Protection

In deep cavities cover the dentine closest to the pulp with a calcium hydroxide liner (Dycal®) leaving the rest of the cavity floor and walls free for chemical bonding with ChemFil Superior.

Surface Conditioning

For surface conditioning, ChemFil Tooth Cleanser or ChemFlex™ Liquid may be used. Apply ChemFil Tooth Cleanser or ChemFlex Liquid to the cavity surface and allow it to remain for 15 seconds. Wash off and remove rinsing water, leaving a moist surface.

Shade Selection

ChemFil Superior is available in 7 shades. Shade selection is made with the shade guide supplied. As the translucency and colour of glass-ionomer cements change dur- ing the first hours after placement, the shade guide represents the final shade of the restoration.


Mix ratio:

  1. scoops powder : 2 drops liquid1Fill the water dispenser with distilled or deionized water and place the plastic insert into the neck. To dispense water, hold the bottle vertically above pad and squeeze gently. Always invert powder bottle before use to fluff the powder. Overfill the powder scoop and strike off the excess with the bottle insert leaving a flat surface level with the edge of the scoop. Take care not to press the powder into scoop, as this can give too thick a mixture.


Mix the product using a stainless steel or agate spatula on the mixing pad provided or a glass slab2.

Divide the powder into two equal parts. Mix the first part with the water in five seconds or less, then add the second part and mix for about ten seconds – maximum mixing time 20 seconds.

The consistency of the mixed material should resemble that of a composite resin.

Working Time2

The working time from start of mix is approximately 2 minutes.

Setting Time3

The setting time from end of mix is 2 to 3 minutes.



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