Dentsply Poly F

Dentsply Poly F

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Manufacturer: Dentsply Sirona

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Deal of the Month

  • Versatile in use
  • Easy manipulation.
  • Wide variety of usage
  • Chemically bonds to tooth structure

Poly-F is a conventional zinc polycarboxylate cement. Poly-F is presented as a powder containing all reactive components. 


  • Crowns, bridges, inlays facings and orthodontic brackets.
  • Cavity lining under all restorative materials.
  • Temporary fillings and fillings in deciduous teeth.


  • Direct or indirect pulp-capping.


  • Antibacterial
  • Low irritation
  • Adhesive to tooth structure
  • Sufficient compressive strength
  • Higher tensile strength 
  • Low post-op sensitivity
  • Gentle on the pulp
  • Chemically bonds to the tooth structure
  • Anhydrous version
  • 1 x 70g Powder
  • 1 x 40ml Liquid

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