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VTaper 2H Refill

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Packing - Pack of 6 files

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Regular Price: Rs.3,400.00

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VTAPER Rotary File System Refill Pack




Variable Taper Design Creates the Most Conservative Root Canal Shape



Variable Taper Design Creates the Most Conservative Root Canal Shape


  1. A root canal has a variable rate of change not a constant rate of taper change, this is the basis for variable taper design of V-Taper™2 Files
  2. V-Taper™2 File System encompasses a more anatomic design that creates shape whilepreserving key peri-cervical dentin by more closely mirroring the natural shape of the root

  3. V-Taper™2 instruments have a variable “V” decreasing rateof taper going from tip to shaft

Strong & Flexible Through Parabolic Core Design




Flexibility Through Safe-Core™ Parabolic Design

  • High Flexibility for successful navigation of even the most curved canals
  • Strong Core Design Safeguards against the separation
  • Strongest Core Design of any major competitor


SS White® V-Taper™ 2 H NiTi Rotary Endodontic File System

This performance-enhanced rotary file system shortens treatment time through use of fewer files per case, allowing for safe, efficient, conservative root canal treatment.

Use of V-Taper™ 2 H rotary files allows most molar premolars to be completed with 2-3 rotary files and anterior teeth with 1-2 rotary files. V-Taper™ 2 H is a series of patented, variable-taper NiTi rotary files that permit deeper apical shapes with fewer instruments. The files yield a conservative access path that retains more healthy tooth structure at the heart of the tooth, which is critical to support longer-lasting restorations. V-Taper™ 2 H rotary files feature a parabolic cross-section design that combines high efficiency and flexibility while being safe and resistant to fracture. These desirable features allow the clinician to effectively combine access and shaping into a single integrated process. When establishing canal patency the V-Taper™ 2 H rotary files are ideally preceded with use of V-Glide Path™ 2 H files. Used together, the V-Rotary File System adds precision to root canal procedures while saving chair time and reducing stress for operator and patient.

Deep Apical Shaping with Conservative Coronal Shaping

The V-Taper™2H Rotary NiTi File System

  • Deep apical shape creates better access for irrigation and cleaning, and 3D obturation
  • Variable taper design creates conservative coronal shape, preserves dentin
  • 1-2 files per case, lowest cost for shaping per root canal procedure
  • Strongest tested file system on the market



1.  Electric motor recommended for use with rotary NiTi files

                Speed of use: 200-400 RPM (250 ideal)

                Torque control: 65% or 455 g-cm torque

                (most endodontists use maximum torque)

2.  V-Glide Path™2H & V-Taper™2H tactile control:

            Files advance naturally with light pressure

             Use a slow, controlled motion

3.  Always use lubrication with each file

4.  Recapitulate with hand file between each rotary file

5.  Irrigate between each rotary file

6.  Files can be used safely in 3-4 canals


6 file system

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