Coltene Dental Products: Guide to Choose the Right Equipment for Dentistry

Posted on: 10 May, 2022

Coltene, over the years since its establishment, has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and developers of small-sized equipment for dental treatment and applications. The company is primarily concerned with the six segments of production, which are solutions for most dental treatment applications. The Coltene company also specialises in complete endodontology, which can be extremely beneficial for root canal preparations that require filing and rinsing solutions. Complete endodontology is also helpful in dental treatment involving obturation and post systems.

Coltene’s next extensive range is primarily focused on restorative filing therapies, which take into account several temporary and permanent materials, adhesive systems, and polymerisation lamps. A step further also involves solutions that make use of prosthetics, ranging over a wide variety of condensation and additional cross-linking impression materials. And Coltene also shoulders this burden. A wider range of Coltene products is instrumentally used for infection control, as well as for treatment aids too.

Coltene has emerged as one of the premiering brands of dental products in India and has shown immense potential with the dental equipment that is often used for treatment processes. Furthermore, as a reliable brand operating within the Indian subcontinent, Coltene has grown popular for implant-based treatments, dental reconstruction, and equipment for traditional procedures. The company also offers products that play an important role in procedures like restoration, prosthetics, and treatment auxiliaries.


Countries served by Coltene

Over the years, Coltene has developed an impressive network in several international countries, including:

  • India
  • England
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden,

And many, many more. 


Top 10 Coltene Products available in India


Coltene Affinis Putty: Coltene Affinis Putty

Coltene Affinis Putty is one of the most popular products that can be purchased in India. Coltene Affinis putty is frequently required by professionals for a dental fitting. For laboratory fabricated restorations, the Coltene Affinis putty plays a significant role in treating minor dental procedures carried out by the dentist and other dental technicians.

The innovative surface affinity of Coltene Affinis putty has been chemically enhanced with mixed materials that ensure added support to moist tooth structures and tissues (also known as the gingiva). Coltene’s Affinis putty offers an almost negligible barrier to flow, and this self-contouring consistency makes it optimal for use in dental procedures.


Coltene ParaCore Kit: coltene paraCore kit

The ParaCore kit from Coltene comes in a dual-cured, radiopaque, glass-reinforced composite system. Available in three different shades, the material of the composite system helps in simplifying the post and core restorative procedures. It is optimally used for post cementation and also for core buildups. The ParaCore by Coltene comes with auto mix syringes which can be conveniently used for the cementation of indirect restorations.

An optimum monoblock bond interface is usually achieved through the use of ParaCore as an abutment and fixing material for dental fittings. This monoblock, with its unusually high strength and post buildups, is usually applied between the dentin, post, and crown. The Coltene ParaCore kit is often used as a closed product chain due to its long-term stability and post buildups.


Coltene Hyflex EDM Files:hyflex edm rotary

The Coltene Hyflex EDM files are considered the 5th generation root canal file. These Hyflex EDMs are one of the most popular products at Coltene and are usually produced in an innovative manufacturing process with the use of electric discharge machining. The Coltene Hyflex EDM files have been produced from the innovative manufacturing process that massively contributes to the strength of the HeyFlex EDM files, making them durable and fracture resistant.


Coltene President Putty:coltene president putty

The Coltene President Putty is one of the oldest Coltene products to be available in India, with the introduction of the first A-Silicone in the Indian market in 1975. To this day, the Coltene President putty has been considered a milestone product in the development of high-precision dental impression materials. Presently, Coltene President Putty has undergone several improvements and remains one of the most sought after Coltene products fin terms of its unmatched qualities.


Coltene President putty has been carefully curated and manufactured, featuring impressively high tear strength and elasticity. The flawless removal technique adopted in the manufacturing process of Coltene President Putty makes it extremely durable and resistant to most phenomena. The range of Coltene President Putty is known for its surface activation, which is triggered by a fast pressure buildup. Coltene President Putty is available in multiple highly pigmented colours, as well as in choices of three different end hardness.


Genendo Files Coltene: Genendo starter kit

The Gen Endo Files from Coltene is the latest model of rotary endodontic files that is popularly in use during root canal treatments. Coltene’s Genendo Files have been produced specifically to avoid the limitations faced by conventional shape memory rotary files. The Gen Endo Files have an obvious edge over all previous models for a root canal as the Gen Endo files from Coltene have been manufactured with unparalleled flexibility and cutting efficiency. The surface treatment using the Gen Endo files from Coltene is known for its superior cutting efficiency, which makes it easier for accidental apical transformation.


Root canal treatments are extremely complex and might require a more convenient instrument than conventionally shaped rotary covers or heat treatments. The Coltene Gen Endo Files, on the other hand, boast a proprietary heat treatment function and superior flexibility that makes them a more reasonable choice than traditional rotary files.


President Putty Coltene Whaledent: coltene president puttypresident set coltene

Coltene’s Whaledent President Putty has been a recent hit in the Indian market that has been designed to meet the requirements of modern endodontist procedures. Available in five viscosities - putty, monophase, heavy, light body, and extra light body, the Whaledent President Putty from Coltene offers an amazing adaptation for hard and soft gums and tissues alike. In addition, Coltene Whaledent President Putty also offers excellent moisture displacement, streamlined readability, and perception. It has an outstanding balance of physical properties and flexible working times, and a fast-setting phase that contributes to its overall efficiency. The Whaledent President Putty from Coltene is also available in a fresh peppermint scent!


Coltene President Light Body: light body

The Coltene President Light Body is a new line of impression materials that have been produced keeping in mind the modern requirements. The President Light body has been designed in order to comfortably work in five different viscosities - putty, monophase, heavy body, light body and the extra light body. The President Light Body from Coltene is usually accompanied by a line of accessories, which consists of a tray adhesive too.


Coltene Speedex Light Body: 

The Speedex Light Body from Coltene is one of the most popular products available in the Indian market. As a Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material, Coltene Speedex Light Body is in high demand. It is a popular product due to its ability to create an impression with unparalleled accuracy, which is sufficiently rigid to allow tray support. Furthermore, Coltene Speedex Light Body is also used as it is flexible and easy to remove and its thixotropic properties. It is also optimised, allowing excellent and amazing impressions. Due to its expertise as an impression material, Coltene’s Speedex Light Body has been used for veneer and laminations, as well as for functional impressions for orthodontic splints and male models.

Coltene Speedex Universal Activator:

The Speedex Universal Activator from Coltene has been popularly used as a tool that actively agitates irrigation solutions that offer cavitation and acoustic streaming as an attempt at improving the debridement and disruption of the biofilm and the smear layer. Coltene’s Speedex Universal Activator has been specifically designed, keeping in mind the need to safely and vigorously energise the hydrodynamic phenomenon. Using the Speedex Universal Activator from Coltene help in facilitating deep cleaning and disinfection of fins, webs, lateral canals, and anastomoses. It has been popularly used for endodontic treatments because of the safety it offers, superior design, as well as for its clinical effectiveness.


Coltene Gen Endo Starter Kit:


Coltene’s Gen Endo Starter Kit is also one of the most commonly purchased Coltene products in the Indian market. The Gen Endo Starter Kit was specifically manufactured as a set of heat-treated titanium rotary files that were designed for simplicity and efficiency, that conveniently streamlined the quick, predictable results for endodontic treatments. Coltene’s Gen Endo Starter Kit ensures effective handling and is sufficient in simplifying its use. The Coltene Gen Endo Starter Kit has a designated file for coronal flaring, which in turn, ensures a smooth guide path and establishes patency. The Gen Endo Starter Kit from Coltene is popular due to its efficiency for smoothly shaping and finishing the canal.


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