Coltene Canalpro Apex Locator

Coltene Canalpro Apex Locator

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Manufacturer: Coltene

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  • Results in canals with dry and wet condition
  • LCD display for optimal performance
  • Built-in demo mode to demonstrate operation
  • Auto-off after 2 minutes without use


The CanalPro Apex Locator Compact is an accurate, user-friendly, affordable apex locator suitable both for skilled endodontic experts and for general practitioners performing root canal treatments. The custom color graphic display of the CanalPro Apex helps to achieve optimal performance during determination of the working length and apex localization.


User-friendly, intelligent interface

The CanalPro Apex Locator offers a 3D user interface based on a high resolution TFT color graphic display. It shows the movement of the file inside the canal from the beginning of the measurements to the end, providing uninterrupted feedback to the dentist.

Accuracy of measurement

The two measuring frequencies are alternated and not mixed, as it is done in conventional apex locators, thus canceling the need for signal filtering and eliminating the noise caused by nonideal filters. To calculate the file tip position, the RMS (Root Mean Square) level of the signal (signal intensity) is used and not signal amplitude or phase. This makes the measurement much more immune to various kinds of electromagnetic noises.

Virtual Apex Function

Virtual apex enables to mark a predetermined position at the required distance from the apex. When this feature is enabled, the dentist gets clear visual and audio indication that the file tip has reached the selected position near the apex.


key specifications


Dimensions:                               93×54×13mm

Weight:                                        60gr.

Type of screen:                           Custom Color Graphic LCD

Screen dimensions:                   51×38 mm

Power source:                            2 × CR2032 Lithium coin cell batteries



1 year

  • 1 x CanalPro Apex Locator Compact device
  • 1 x Base for device
  • 2 x Lithium coin batteries CR2032
  • 1 x Measuring cable
  • 2 x Lip clips
  • 2 x File clips
  • 1 x Touch probe
  • 1 x Screw driver
  • 1 x User manual

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