Coltene Hyflex Cm 19mm 25/.08

Coltene Hyflex Cm 19mm 25/.08

2890 3830

Manufacturer: Coltene

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  • The files are extremely flexible but without the shape memory of conventional NiTi Files.
  • This gives the file the ability to follow the anatomy of the canal very closely, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation.
  • Furthermore the files can be pre-bent, similar to the way of stainless steel.
  • Particularly in root canals with abrupt curvatures this can help avoid the creation of steps.

Hyflex CM NiTi files can offer upto 300% more resistance to cyclic fatigue as compared to other NiTi rotary files due to it controlled memory feature which helps in reducing the file separation substantially.

Hyflex CM rotary files are manufactured by a unique process that controls the materials memory hence making the file extremely flexible. The CM rotary file can follow the anatomy of root canal very closely which reduces the risk of transportation, ledging or perforation.

The shape and strength of the Hyflex files with straightened spirals can be restored during autoclaving making it usable again.

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