Coltosol F Temporary Restorations Coltosol F Temporary Restorations Coltosol F Temporary Restorations

Coltosol F Temporary Restorations

Temporary Fillingmaterial

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Manufacturer: Coltene

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Coltosol F Temporary Restorations Gives Reliable Security -

Fluoride release - Radioopacity for the perfect control of the treatment result

- Perfect marginal seal - Eugenol-free, no effect on the curing of composites

- Ideal surface hardness for provisional fillings in posteriors as well as for root canal sealings

  • fluoride-releasing, X-ray opaque
  • easy adaption and adhesion in the cavity
  • no mixing, easy to remove
  • self-curing under the action of saliva


Coltosol F is a temporary, eugenol-free filling material. The ease of use and the self-curing under the action of saliva make Coltosol F an ideal filling material for temporary fillings and temporary root canal sealings. Available in shade Universal White.

The choice is yours The required quantity of Coltosol F Temporary Restorations is either dosed with the syringe or taken directly from the glass jar with an instrument. Quick, easy and clean.



Packaing of Coltosol F Temporary Restorations Contains:-

  • Jar of 38gm

Standardized access cavities were prepared in 100 extracted human
premolars. The teeth were then randomly divided into 9 groups of
10 teeth, with the remaining teeth serving as positive and negative
The cavities in the experimental groups were filled with 4 mm of

Coronal microleakage was evaluated with a stereomicroscope.
Positive controls displayed complete dye penetration, and negative
controls showed no dye penetration. All Temporary Fillings displayed
some degree of leakage. DuoTemp and Coltosol F rank among the
best sealing materials.




Instant Application

After rolling the dispensed Coltosol F Temporary Restorations into a ball with your fingers, simply press it into the prepared cavity.

Easy removal

Coltosol F Temporary Restorations can be easily removed in large pieces using a bur or an excavator without leaving any residues.

  • Coltosol F Temporary Restoration is one of the best materials presently available in the market for efficient temporary fillings and temporary root canal sealings. What I found remarkable about this product is its simplicity - so easy to use and self-curing under saliva. I must recommend it to everyone looking for affordable but quality filling material. I ordered this one from ID Enterprises, and they delivered it the next day! Happy with the product and the prompt service from ID Enterprises.
  • I was looking for a reliable filling material that is easy to apply and, most importantly, effortless and straightforward to remove. Someone recommended Coltosol F Temporary Restorations, then available online from ID Enterprises at an attractive price. Thanks to the prompt service, I got it delivered the next day. As far as the quality of the product is concerned, I will surely recommend it to practitioners looking to bring more simplicity and efficiency to their practice.
  • A temporary, eugenol-free filling material, Coltosol F is simply one of the best filling products available. I appreciate its self-curing feature under the action of saliva. It’s easy to apply, use and remove - making it one of the must-have products for practitioners. Thanks, ID Enterprises, for delivering a quality product quickly at a great price.
  • I always liked the quality of service the wonderful guys at ID Enterprises offered. They have a range of wonderful products which you can browse by brands and categories. The purchasing decision of Coltosol F from them was beneficial.

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