ICPA Fixon Denture Adhesive

ICPA Fixon Denture Adhesive

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ICPA Fixon Denture Adhesive

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Fixon Powder 15 gm is a denture adhesive in an easy to use powder form to hold dentures in place. It makes your dentures stable by ensuring less movement and reduced chances of slippage, especially during activities such as eating or talking. Fixon Powder 15 gm is used effectively in filling gaps between your teeth caused by the shrinking bone structure. It also enables you to bite with more force while still being able to adjust your dentures.


  • Fixon Powder 15 gm is a powerful denture adhesive that can be used safely and daily.
  • It helps to keep the dentures in place during usual activities that subject your dentures to constant movement.
  • It can be easily applied to all surfaces of your dentures and mould to the irregularities due to its powder form.
  • Fixon Powder 15 gm is not affected by the presence of water and saliva in the oral cavity.
  • The formulation of this powder is such that it swells and firmly adheres the denture to the gum.


Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) with flavour.


  • Fixon Powder 15 gm is used to hold dentures stably in the oral cavity.
  • The powder also prevents food particles from sticking to the dentures or getting trapped underneath the dentures.

 Powder Bottle Of 15 g

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