ICPA Fixon Super-Grip

ICPA Fixon Super-Grip

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ICPA Fixon Super-Grip


Manufacturer: ICPA

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Fixon Supergrip

  • Fixon super grip is a convenient formula to enhance compliance
  • It helps to prevent food particles from going underneath their denture
  • Fixon supergrip gives your denture patients added confidence
  • Fixon supergrip seals out food particles and prevents them from going underneath the denture surface
  • Fixon supergrip holds dentures securely and comfortably all day long
  • Fixon supergrip helps patients eat, speak, look and feel better.
  • Fixon supergrip has a fresh, clean taste and helps control denture odor


Gantrez MS, Sodium CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose)


Hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients. It must be emphasised that a denture adhesive is not induced for the retention of improperly fabricated or poorly fitting prostheses.

Dosage and mode of application:

Sprinkle Fixon Super Grip, thinly and uniformly onto the wet denture. The denture fits securely immediately after being put into position and remains so for hour after hour. In case of the premature loosening of the denture (because of drinking large quantity of liquid, for example), simply sprinkle on a little more Fixon Adhesive. The denture will fit securely again. Any residue can be removed easily from denture under running water with help of toothbrush. Stubborn residue can be removed with cotton wool ball soaked in cooking oil. To prevent excess Super Grip, please do not squeeze container. Hold at an angle and tap gently with the index finger. This will give the correct amount.

Drug Indications: Not known

Please note the following important Advice:

  • To be used only on healthy mucous membrane
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use after expiry date
  • For external use only.
  • Store below 30°C




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