Bluephase NG4 Curing Light

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Bluephase NG4 Curing Light

80480 89340

Manufacturer: Ivoclar Vivadent

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  • Reliable curing performance for all light-curing materials due to polywave LED
  • Short curing times starting from 10 seconds due to a high intensity of 1.200 mW/Cm2
  • Wide 10-mm light guide for time-saving single-exposure curing procedures
  • Additional Pre-Cure program

Intelligent LED light – carefree curing
Patented Polyvision technology is your personal assistant when it comes to curing dental materials.   

This automatic assistance system helps you achieve reliable curing results. The curing light automatically detects movement of the handpiece during the light-curing procedure. It alerts the user of the improper operation by vibrating and automatically extends the exposure time by 10 per cent, if necessary. If the movement may prevent the material from curing properly, the light will automatically interrupt the exposure cycle so that it can be repeated. Bluephase G4 comes with active anti-glare protection to prevent the light from being activated in open space.

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