Ivoclar Bluephase N M

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Ivoclar Bluephase N M

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Manufacturer: Ivoclar Vivadent

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 Light intensity  800 mW/cm2
 All light-curing materials
 Wavelength range
 (430 – 490 nm)
 Absolutely mobile
 Wireless operation
 All indications
 Continuous operation of >10 minutes
 Curing times for selected composite   materials:
 2 mm Tetric N-Ceram
 4 mm Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill
 15 s
 HIGH Power  800 mW/cm2
 Light probe  10 mm, black
 Battery  Lithium-Polymer
 Capacity  approx 60 minutes
 Charging Time  approx 1 hours
  • Maximum power supply due to the lithium-polymer battery with highest capacity.
  • Three adjustable curing times ensure efficient & reliable operation.
  • For all indications due to continuous operation.
  • Controlled light curing due to adjustable curing times.
  • Universal program for the intuitive 1-button operation and uncomplicated handling.
  • Rotatable 10-mm light probe for optimal access to all restored areas.

Bluephase N M

Due to its wireless design the LED curing light Bluephase N M is immediately ready for use – any time and anywhere.

As a result, the dentist enjoys absolute freedom of movement in the dental practice. A light intensity of 800 mW/cm2 and three adjustable curing times ensure efficient and reliable operation. The polymerization light is suitable for light-curing dental materials in the wavelength range of 430 – 490 nm.


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