Ivoclar Bluephase Style 20i Ivoclar Bluephase Style 20i

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Ivoclar Bluephase Style 20i

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Manufacturer: Ivoclar Vivadent

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Reliable curing performance for direct and indirect restorations:

Light intensity is a decisive factor for both the quality of esthetic restorations and the adequate polymerization of light-curing materials. This is particularly true for indirect restorations, where the amount of light reaching the luting composite can be significantly reduced, depending on the thickness, shade and opacity of the restorative material. This means that in some cases not
enough light may be delivered to the luting composite to cure it. Generally, a light intensity of 1,000 mW/cm2 (Bluephase Style) per 1mm layer thickness is recommended. Bluephase Style 20i is a high-performance light that combines maximum power with extremely short curing times. Providing a light intensity of 2,000 mW/cm2 , the light-curing unit is especially
suitable for polymerizing luting composites in indirect restorations, alongside conventional curing applications in direct restorations. The high light intensity
ensures that enough energy passes through the crown or inlay if the restoration is made of highquality all-ceramic material, such as IPS e.max®
or IPS Empress® , and this without stressing the soft tissues or pulp.

More Features Are:

  • Isolate

Effective isolation with OptraGate®, cotton rolls and saliva ejector

  • Bond

Direct intraoral application of Adhese® Universal with the efficient VivaPen®

  • Restore

Direct Tetric Evo-Line – One solution for all cavity classes

Indirect Esthetic restorations made of IPS e.max®, optimally cemented with Variolink® Esthetic

  • Cure

Reliable and fast curing with the Bluephase® curing units

Bluephase Style represents the latest in LED curing light technology.  With patented Polywave technology to cure all dental materials, a newly designed light probe for easy access to posterior teeth and the option to be used cordless or corded, Bluephase Style provides the ultimate curing experience for you and your patients.

Bluephase Style has been designed with the end user in mind.  With improvements such as its slim and lightweight design, the intuitive two button operation and the inductive charging system, you will wonder how you ever worked without it!


  • Cordless or corded operation
  • Intuitive two-button operation
  • Energy efficient LED technology allows for continuous curing
  • Available in 3 colors (grey, pink and blue)
  • Reliable curing performance for direct and indirect restorations
  • Short curing times starting from 5 seconds due to high light intensities2
  • Suitable for every light-curing material due to polywave LED
  • Wide 10-mm light guide for time-saving single-exposure curing procedures

 Ivoclar Bluephase Style 20i

1 unit

Always ready to use –thanks to Click & Cure

Cordless operation provides maximum mobility in the dental practice. The proven Click & Cure function enables you to avoid irritating waiting times if the battery has run out. With just one click you can connect the handpiece to the power cord of the charging base.

Removable and autoclavable, the light guide clearly standsout from that of conventional curing lights. The light guideis shortened at the tip and can be freely rotated by 360 degrees, enabling access to all tooth surfaces. The mouth
does not have to be opened extremely wide. This allows for more comfortable treatment, especially in children.

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