Mani Peeso Reamers 32mm

Mani Peeso Reamers 32mm

420 510

Manufacturer: Mani

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Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #1

420 510


Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #2

420 510


Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #3

420 510


Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #4

420 510


Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #5

420 510


Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #6

420 510


Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #1-6

420 510


Deal of the Month

  • Higher anti-corrosion resistance.
  • Uniform and stabilized hardness.
  • The safety tip prevents ledges or perforation.
  • Designed to be broken at very near to shank.
  • Easy identification by the number of grooves in the shank.

Mani Peso Reamers Ideal for widening and paralleling root canals for post-core preparations. Hard Fiber Stainless steel. Right angle.

A new material developed by Mani has made it possible to commercialize safe and sharp peso reamers with higher anti-corrosion resistance to any kind to sterilization including autoclave, chemical vapor, and super acid water.

Peso Reamers are used to enlarge the cervical portion of the canal and to prepare the canal entrance.
These instruments are also useful in removing gutta-percha in preparation for creating post space.

  • 1 unit pack of 6

Structures and principals

  1. This is stainless steel screw type dental root canal post with spiral grooves. It is non-sterile instrument.
  2. Main materials: SUS316L(Fe, Ni, Cr,etc.)

Purpose of use and effect-efficacy

In case of absence of a crown part because of dental caries, this instrument can be used as a post for strength retention when building a crown on a root using remaining part.


Products’ bending durability must exceed specified value of our standard.


Method of manipulating or method of use

Remove filling material using MANI PEESO REAMERS after verifying length of cured root canal in X-ray photograph and building an abutment. The limit of depth is two-thirds of root length. Shape root canal with  MANI  PEESO  REAMERS corresponding to root canal diameter. If needed, demineralize inside root canal and tooth surface. Insert this product after kneading filling material and filling up root canal with it. Additionally, put core buildup material on projecting part from root canal and calcify. Take impression and make crown prosthesis after the final abutment building is done.

STEP 1 Formation of post orifice

  • Form post orifice of cured root canal with MANI PEESO REAMERS.
  • The limit of post orifice length is two-thirds of a root length. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

STEP 2 Selection of EG POST

  • Select and try EG POST corresponding to MANI PEESO REAMERS which was used to form post orifice.


size (Diameter)

1 (φ0.70)

2 (φ0.90)

3 (φ1.10)

4 (φ1.30)

5 (φ1.50)

6 (φ1.70)


Size chart 1 MANI PEESO REAMERS                                                                               Unit: mm



















φ D2



























Size chart 2 MANI EG POST                                                                                                 Unit : mm




  • Choose appropriate length which avoids L3 (Figure 3) getting into a root canal for try- in    (Figure 2).
  • Check if MANI EG POST does not screw dentin strongly, even though MANI EG POST diameter is slightly smaller than MANI PEESO REAMERS diameter.

MANI PEESO REAMERS and MANI PASTE CARRIERS must be cleaned or sterilized before using. Also keep the allowable engine speed strictly. **

※     MANI  PEESO   REAMERS    Allowable min-¹.: less than 1200 min-¹.

※     MANI PASTE CARRIERS   Allowable min-¹.: less than 800 min-¹.

※     For the details of MANI PEESO REAMERS and MANI PASTE CARRIERS, refer to each instructions for use.

Precautions for use

  1. Observe a shape of a root canal anatomically with X-ray photograph when using.
  2. Insert into a root canal with dental cement.
  3. In case this product touches dissimilar metal, there is a possibility to  lower corrosion resistance. Metallic crown restoration must be set  closely  on  an abutment tooth through dental cement layer to avoid directly touch this product.
  4. Use tweezers for try-in, adjustment of length, and insertion. In case finger oil etc. attach to a surface of this product, wipe off with alcohol cotton.
  5. Clean and sterilize the product by autoclave and make sure sterilization is completed before using. **
  6. Choose the most appropriate type for each case and follow the general method.
  7. Be sure not to break apical sealing by root canal filling when forming post orifice.
  8. Before using, make sure the instruments outside of dental cavity that there are no deformations, scratches and cracks.
  9. Wear rubber dam etc. to avoid accidental ingestion and falling.
  10. This product should be treated as medical waste when disposed.
  11. Dispose the product if damaged or contaminated.
  12. This is a single-use medical instrument approved for one-time use only.    Do not reuse it due to avoid potential infection risks to patient or user.*

Storages and duration of use

  1. Avoid storing at high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. Keep liquids away. Store it at room temperature.
  2. Do not damage or make a pinhole to packaging materials.
  3. The product is subject to be improved without previous notice. Enforce the first-in first-out method for stock management.
  4. Do not store the product under a germicidal lamp to avoid deterioration.

Maintenances and inspections

  1. Sterilize the product by autoclave under established method after cleaned before use. **

Method of sterilization:

Put this product in a sterilization pack(or foil) and place it on a sterilization tray for autoclave sterilization with reference to the following terms .*

Terms for sterilization:

condition(1) temperature: 121degrees Celsius      time: 20 minutes or more condition(2) temperature: 126degrees Celsius      time: 15 minutes or more

  1. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200 degrees Celsius including drying process.
  2. Dispose the product if damaged or decreased in performance.


  • Refill: 1 size /12 pcs.
  • Intro Kit 21sizes/ 3 pcs. each
  • Complete Kit 21 sizes/ 12 pcs. each

 Obelis s.a.

Bd. Général Wahis 53,

1030 Brussels, Belgium

※     Always keep this document near at hand. In case of loss, please contact dental department of the manufacturer for a copy.

※     The specifications, structures and materials are subject to be changed without previous notices for the demands of improvement.

※     The contents of this instruction manual are subject to be revised without previous notices.

※     * and **mark indicate revised points.

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