Neoendo Neo EDTA Liquid 60ml Neoendo Neo EDTA Liquid 60ml

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Neoendo Neo EDTA Liquid 60ml

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NEWENDO NEOEDTA LIQUID is a colorless 17% EDTA solution with water base indicated for canal cleaning, smear layer removal, and debridement during chemical & mechanical preparation of root canals.

Also to be used as a final rinse solution before obturation of canals.


  • Used for Surface preparation of canal.
  • Used for Unclog Dentinal tubules.
  • Used for Debridement of canals.
  • Used for Unclog Dentinal tubules.


  • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA) – 17%
  • Water Base- qs
  • 1 x 60ml Liquid

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