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Neoendo Neotemp

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  • Neotemp  is the temporary filling material of cavities before the permanent restoration
  • Cementing material for temporary crowns 


  • Self-curing in cavity
  • Excellent adhesion with dentin
  • High marginal seal
  • Leakproof formulation
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy application and removal


  • 1 x 40gm

STEP 1 –

  • During the Restorative process, clean away the decay inside the cavity, usually with a drill, before filling it in.
  • Removing the decay prevents further damage, but it doesn’t fix the damage to the tooth that already occurred.
  • That’s where fillings come in.


  • Molds the Temporary filling cement to match the shape of the surrounding tooth.
  • It will restore the strength and integrity of the tooth and prevent decay from re-entering the vulnerable area.
  • Temporary filling cement restores full health and functionality to a tooth effectively and immediately.


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