Samit Glass Bead Sterilizer

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Samit Glass Bead Sterilizer

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Manufacturer: Samit

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  • Portable size
  • Shock proof
  • Auto cutout
  • Low power consumption
  • Eco friendly
  • Rapid warms up
  • Microorganism glass beads for better sterilization results
  • Ceramic plates & insulation used for heating protection
  • High-quality components are used to enhance quality and performance.
  • Ceramic plates provide rapid heating of the filler
  • Durable heat-resistant sheet made of this steel.
  • Automatic maintenance of the operating temperature -190-209°C
  • Light indicator (Ready to work) when the temperature has reached 190°C.protect the surface from overheating
  • Ceramic plates provide rapid heating of the filler.
  • 1 x Unit Glass Bead Machine And 300gms Of Glass Beads

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