Samit Mouth Mirror MM Tops

Samit Mouth Mirror MM Tops

Samit Mouth Mirror MM Tops

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Manufacturer: Samit

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 Optimum Finish

  • Sharp Image
  • High Contrast
  • Pleasant Retraction

Elegant Design

  • Serrated Handle - Better Grip
  • Slim Design - High Comfort
  • Low Reflection Surfaces

Extended Durability

  • Made of high-quality. stainless steel

Rust Free

  • Corrosion Resistant - Passivated

There are other areas of the mouth where lighting is difficult, even with overhead dentists' lights. In these instances, the mouth mirror is used to reflect light onto those surfaces.
This is especially useful if the mirror is simultaneously being used for the indirect vision of an obscure area.

Uses :

  • Indirect Vision
  • Retraction
  • Reflection
  • Indirect Illumination

Pack of 10 pcs

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