SS White Great White Bur Gw-2

SS White Great White Bur Gw-2

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Manufacturer: SS White

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Deal of the Month

  • Sperior neck strength virtually eliminates breakage concerns
  • Cuts all hard materials including non- and semi-precious metal, amalgam and composite
  • Multi-functional bur helps reduce rotary inventory
  • Reduces vibration and chatter, increasing patient comfort

Ss White Great White Bur Gw-2 is manufactured with technically advanced blade geometry, quality materials and a thicker neck. By incorporating enhanced blade geometry, the Great White bur cuts more efficiently than a straight-bladed bur. They will not catch, grab or stall. Great White Gold Burs significantly reduce restoration removal and preparation time, saving clinicians up to 50 hours per year in operatory time.

Metal Crown Removal

Great White Burs designed to cut metal substructures for restoration removal during endodontic treatment.
Product recommended: Great White #2

  • Pack of 5

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