TDV Resinlay Pattern Photo Gel

TDV Resinlay Pattern Photo Gel

TDV Resinlay Pattern Photo Gel

1390 1550

Manufacturer: TDV

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  • Resinlay Pattern Photo is a light curing resin developed for universal modeling.
  • Thixotropic feature, allowing application at the exact location.
  • Direct or indirect application.
  • For office and laboratory use.
  • Easy application and more agility when compared to wax and / or acrylic resin.
  • Fast, easy-to-identify polymerization: Resin color changes to blue after polymerization.
  • Low contraction.
  • Fast polymerization regardless of ambient temperature.
  • Does not heat up during polymerization.
  • Leaves no residue after burning.
  • Time and material saving.

Indications: Suitable for carving Coping Patterns, Abutments, Pontics, Bridges, Attachment, Veneers, Protocol Bars, Molding Caskets, Transference Molding Ferulization in Multiple Denture Cases over Two or More Implants.

3g Syr.

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