Avue Bite

Avue Bite

2200 3000

Manufacturer: Dental Avenue

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Deal of the Month

  • Less wastage of material
  • Material can be spread into uniform thickness

A-silicone based bite registration material.

Captures an accurate representation of the occlusal relationships quickly, enhancing patient comfort with high end hardness

  • High final shore A hardness, yet flexible for easy trimming.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • No bite resistance, no rebound.
  • Excellent break resistance while removal & during articulation.


  • It is a soft, thixotropic, patient-friendly material with a neutral taste.
  • AvueBite flows smoothly-No bite resistance.
  • Exceptional Accuracy-On first attempt.
  • High dimensional stability-Minimal distortion.
  • Outstanding elastic recovery-Reduced risk of breakage.
  • Easy to apply-Not technique sensitive.
  • VPS-based bite registration material.
  • High final Shore[A] Hardness.
  • Not brittle-Easy to cut/contour with Scalpel.
  • No Rebound-Accurate Positioning of Stone Models.


  • 2 x 50ml
  • Accessories

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