Septodont Septoject Needles

Septodont Septoject Needles

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Manufacturer: Septodont

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Septodont Septoject Needles 27g/25mm

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Septodont Septoject Needles 27g/35mm

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Septodont Septoject Needles 30g/25mm

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Septodont Septoject Needles 30g/10mm

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Deal of the Month

  • Less trauma to the tissue achieved through a triple-bevel needle, a polished & siliconised canula and an
  • Excellent flexibility of the needle
  • High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage

Sterile single use dental needle

Routine administration of dental local anesthetics

  • Box of 100 sterile single use dental needles
  • 27g short, 27g long, 30g short


  • Break the sterility guarantee seal just before use by turning the two parts of the protective sleeve in opposite directions.
  • Screw the pre-threaded needle onto the pre-threaded hub of the syringe.
  • Remove the plastic cap just before the injection is administered. It can be used again to remove the needle from the syringe to avoid risk of needle stick injury.
  • Discard the used needle into a puncture-resistant container in accordance with all applicable medical waste regulations.


  • Never recap needles by hand. Use only accepted dental recapping procedures. Recapping needles by hand or recapping bent or broken needles can cause unintended needle sticks.
  • Do not bend, break, or otherwise stress needles as serious injuries to you and/or your patient can occur.
  • Do not insert needle to hub during injections, as needles can break and become lodged in patientʼs tissue, potentially causing serious permanent injury. Do not use short needles (< 30 mm) when the expected depth in soft tissue approaches the length of the needle.
  • Avoid extreme pressure and excessive needle movement during injection as this may cause needles to break, which may result in serious injury to you and/or your patient.
  • Be especially vigilant when repositioning a needle in a patient who appears to be apprehensive.
  • For Septoject XL: avoid either too rapid of an injection and/or excessive pressure as that may lead to increased patient pain during injection


  • Store in original packaging until ready to use.
  • Read the Instructions For Use supplied with your injection device.
  • If seal is broken, the needle is NOT STERILE and MUST NOT BE USED.
  • For single use only: This device is for use in a single patient. Any reuse exposes other patients and the user to critical risks, including infection and trauma since the needle is no longer sterile and is more likely to break."
  • If multiple injections are required, replace the needle for each cartridge in order to minimize the risk of needle point damage.

1 patient / 1 cartridge / 1 needle

  • Advice for first time users of Septoject XL needles: Because XL needles have a larger lumen (bore) than other needles, prior to injection, soft tissue should be stabilized to reduce the risk of needle deflection.


100 two-point disposable non-resterilisable dental needles

For professional dental use only

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