Avue Xpress SD X-Ray Films 2X25 film

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Avue Xpress SD X-Ray Films 2X25 film

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Manufacturer: Dental Avenue

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  • High sensitivity and maximum contrast for instant development in full light to obtain high resolution results.
  • Reduces exposure times
  • Simple, high-speed processing in 30/45"
  • Disinfected xray films
  • Excellent storage properties

Dental Avenue Xpress SD Self Developing X-Ray Films are D Speed x-ray films which are self developing. They don't require developing & fixing solution separately

Self developing xray films have been advised to be used in dental clinics to save the chair side time

Xpress SD Self Developing X-Ray Films are intended to provide fast, high-resolution x-rays without the use of a dental processor.

Available as a self-contained packet with a monobath solution in one end and an adult size film in the other, the Xpress SD x-ray is fully developed in 30-45 seconds

Box of 50 Self Developing X-Ray Films

  • 2 x 25 films in one box

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