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Step 1 – Plug in the EzCam to your PC.

  • Then your PC will recognizes the EzCam camera and you can see a small alert on the bottom saying that
    new Hardware(EzCam) "USB Video Device" was recognized.
  • Make sure that you plug the USB connector into a USB port, which supplies enough power. It is recommended to connect to the USB port on the back of the PC, as the USB port on the front of the PC or on the monitor may sometimes has insufficient power, since it is connected by a thin wire from the main board.


Step 2 – Download & install TWAIN driver file


Step 3 – Launch Imaging Software and acquire clinical image using TWAIN driver

  • After launching your imaging software and at the acquisition process, you will find our TWAIN driver named as "EzCam_TWAIN".
  • Click the TWAIN driver and open the TWAIN capture window.


  • Pressing the capture button on the camera will take a photo and save it to the patient chart.



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