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- Ergonomic design and compact body. - “6 position type head” allows direction of contra angle head to be changed and the ON/OFF key to be set to a position where it can be easily activated.

- The larger ON/OFF key enhances operability (compared with conventional products). - Operates continuously for approx. 1.2 hour at rated load. (Dependent upon use conditions.) - The liquid crystal panel enhances user friendliness. - Memory for up to 5 programs . - The auto reverse function is activated depending on the load. A wide variety of functions such as “AUTO REVERSE”, “AUTO STOP” and “AUTO REVERSE OFF” are available. The memory can store these functions combined with nine different operation programs.

- The motor handpiece can be turned on and off by pressing the ON/OFF key. Alternatively the unit can be operated by holding down the ON/OFF key during operation and letting go of the ON/OFF key to stop the handpiece. - The motor handpiece softly starts. Since the rotation briefly stops before changing direction there are no vibrations and shocks during the change of directions. - Energy saving. The power of the motor handpiece automatically turns off when there are no operations for 10 minutes. (Auto power-off function)

- The feedback circuit, which keeps rotation at a constant speed even when the load on the motor handpiece changes, is built in. - Non-contact charger prevents improper charging due to deterioration of metallic terminal. - In spite of non-contact charging, this has realized rapid charging, shortening the time for charging. - The contra angle heads provided for this product are all autoclavable at 135ºC (excluding the motor handpiece).

The new cordless endodontic handpiece CanalPro CL has been ergonomically designed to provide a clear view and unobstructed access in all treatment situations. The clear LCD display and the user-friendly, easy-to-clean keypad simplify day to day clinical work.

  • Thin ergonomic design for better access to hard to reach areas
  • Large, user-friendly LCD panel
  • Memory for up to 5 programs
  • Auto-reverse modus
  • 6 head positions allows of contra angle head to be adjusted to your preferred position
  • Operates continuously for approx. 80 minutes at rated load
  • Quick charging time of approx. 90 minutes. Non-contact charger prevents improper charging due to deterioration of metallic terminal
  • Energy-saving, turns off when not used for 10 minutes
  • Contra angle head is autoclavable at 135°C
  • Rotation Speed (min-1): 140 ~ 550
  • Torque Level (N-cm): 0,3 ~ 3,0

POWER Key - Holding down the POWER key for more than one second turns on the power and the LCD panel lights. - Holding down the POWER key for more than one second while the power is on turns off the power and the LCD display turns off.

ON/OFF Key Pressing this switch, when the power is on, rotates the motor handpiece, and de-pressing the switch again stops the handpiece. (Normal rotation operation) Pressing and holding the switch for approx. one second or longer rotates the motor handpiece and releasing the switch stops the handpiece. (Temporary rotation operation).

SELECT Key Press the SELECT key to change speed, torque or gear ratio setting. Select the parameter for which you want to adjust the set value. The following parameters can be changed in the following order: speed (SP) torque (TQ) gear ratio (GR). However, gear ratio cannot be set during rotation of handpiece. Pressing and holding this SELECT Key for 1 second or longer, when the motor handpiece is stopped can change the Auto reverse mode. 


A program can be selected. The present program number is displayed. There are 5 programs available, numbered from 1 to 5. Up to five programs can be set, and program settings can be memorized by pressing this key for one second or longer. The following parameters can be set: Speed, torque, gear ratio and auto reverse setting.


Use this key when adjusting the set value for each parameter. Alarm sounds if the set value exceeds the upper limit or lower limit. Unit to be set is min-1 for speed and N·cm for torque.

Auto Reverse The current auto reverse mode mark is displayed. AUTO REVERSE: If the load is removed after auto reverse rotation, it returns to the normal rotation again. AUTO STOP: If the load is removed after auto reverse rotation, it stops. AUTO REVERSE OFF: Auto reverse rotation is not activated. (There will be no symbol displayed) „

Battery Symbol The symbol indicating the battery status is displayed. The symbol will be animated when the batteries are being charged or in the refresh mode. : Full charge or nearly full charge : About 30-80% remains : Less than about 30% remains : Batteries are drained or in a remarkably low voltage. Charge the batteries.

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