Roeko Stay Put Retraction Cord

Roeko Stay Put Retraction Cord


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Manufacturer: Coltene

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Stay-put combines the advantages of a braided retraction cord with the adaptability of a fine metal filament. The pliable core is so effective that the cord is not only easy to place in the sulcus but it stays there.

Effective – efficient– perfect retraction

The portfolio of ROEKO retraction materials consists of conventional cords with different characteristics and sizes as well as the innovative A-Silicone Magic FoamCord. Suitable accessories support a successful retraction of the gingiva to be prepared for the impression.

  • 1 Unit.

Use: A product for improving the results of dental impressions.

 Application: Cut Stay-put to the required length. Stay-put can be soaked in GINGIVA LIQUID or another gingival retraction solution of your choice. Please note: Don’t use GINGIVA LIQUID in cases of necrotizing Gingivitis ulcerosa. Please follow instructions for use of the chosen liquid. GINGIVA LIQUID is not available in all countries.

Important: For best results when using Stay-put please follow instructions carefully. Place the centre of the cord into the sulcus. Next work out towards the ends of the cord. Overlapping is not necessary. Leave the non-impregnated cord for at least 5 minutes in the sulcus. When using GINGIVA LIQUID allow 1-3 minutes for the liquid to take effect. Remove the cord directly before taking the impression.

Compositions: Stay-put is a unique combination of softly braided retraction cord and an ultra fine copper filament bounded with nylon. 0 x-fine REF 521 000 1 fine REF 521 001 2 medium REF 521 002 3 thick REF 521 003

Contraindications: None

Further advise: Avoid touching the cord with electrotomy and laser equipment.

Warning: Medical devices should be kept out of reach of children.

Use and storage: • for single use only • for dental use only • the lid has to be closed immediately after use and to be stored in a dry place • shelf life 5 years • this medical device should not be used after the expiration date

Content: Dispenser with 183 cm cord

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