Hanel Occlusion Foil

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Hanel Occlusion Foil

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Manufacturer: Coltene

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  • extremely thin
  • very pliable
  • pinpoint marking of stops and microcontacts
  • non toxic colour layer
  • no smearing

The HANEL foil fulfils all the requirements needed for today's gnathology. It is extremely fine and the precise colour transfer guarantees pinpoint markings on high spots.

The 22 mm wide foil is available in single-sided, double-sided one colour-ed and double-sided two coloured. For the 22 mm wide foil a practical dispenser is available with an integrated cutter. The 80 mm wide foil is available single-sided or double-sided one coloured in a practical dispenser box.



  • Thickness 12mm
  • Roll 25m
  • Double-sided
  • Width 22mm
  • Blue
  • This one indeed lives up to the mark. It is very thin, easy to use, and does not have any toxic colour layer nor any smearing. I got it delivered by ID Enterprises - a fast-growing destination for getting high-quality dental products and equipment. Obviously, it was not my first order on this website. I always recommend ID Enterprises for an updated range of dental products available at unbeatable prices.
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  • Some of the features of Hanel Occlusion foil include it is extremely thin and easy to use, very accurate and reliable. I got this delivered by the good guys at ID Enterprises. They surely are the fastest when it comes to providing excellent dental products at the right time. Highly recommended!
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