ICPA Pyosan Gum Paint Pack of 10

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ICPA Pyosan Gum Paint Pack of 10


Manufacturer: ICPA

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Astringent & Counterirritant for inflamed sore gums/spongy gums

Tannic Acid glycerin 27%, Potassium iodide I.P. 0.05%, Iodine I.P. 0.03%, Thymol I.P. 0.033%, Menthol I.P. 0.05%, Glycerine I.P. q.s.

Mode of action:
Bleeding gums & pus discharge are a sign of poor oral hygiene and have to be treated symptomatically by a dentist. Astringents help to stop the bleeding & pus discharge of gums, by coagulating proteins. Iodine & Menthol will act as counterirritant & rubefacient and provide relief from itching & irritation. Menthol will additionally provide comfort to the patient.

Inflamed sore gums/spongy gums

Directions for use:
Take Pyosan gum paint on the fingertip and apply on the affected gum.

Store in cool, dark place.

For external use only.


Plastic bottle of 15ml (0.5 fl. oz) with inbuilt dropper.

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