Ivoclar Variolink N Professional Set

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Ivoclar Variolink N Professional Set

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Manufacturer: Ivoclar Vivadent

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Variolink N is a dual-cure and light-cure luting composite for glass-ceramic, lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and composite resin restorations. The esthetic luting resin from the N-Cement Collection is characterized by a high radiopacity and harmonious shade spectrum.

The special amine-reduced cement Varliolink N LC produces optimum results, particularly in anterior teeth. This solely light-cure material enables very thin (< 2 mm) and highly translucent restorations to be seated esthetically. Variolink N LC is available in the following versions: Clear, +1 and +2.

Package Contents: 4 Variolink N Base, 2.5g c/u transparente, amarillo, blanco, bleach XL 4 Variolink N Catalizador, 2.5g c/u transparente baja/alta viscosidad, amarillo baja/alta viscosidad 1 Heliobond, 6g 1 Syntac Adhesivo, 3ml 1 Syntac Primer, 3ml 1 N-Etch, 2g 1 Liquid Strip, 2.5g,Monobond N Accesorios

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