Ivoclar Vivadent Helioseal F Plus

Ivoclar Vivadent Helioseal F Plus

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Manufacturer: Ivoclar Vivadent

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Efficient treatment

  • The easy-to-use syringe allows you to dispense and apply the right amount of Helioseal F Plus precisely where it is needed.
  • The fine tip promotes swift and exact placement in fissures.
  • With the help of a suitable polymerization light, such as Bluephase Style or Bluephase G4 from Ivoclar Vivadent, the sealant can be cured in only ten seconds.
  • Precise application, excellent flow, and wetting properties together with exceptionally short light-curing times make Helioseal F Plus your first choice when it comes to sealing fissures quickly and efficiently in children and adolescents.

Effective protection for pits and fissures. Fast and convenient fissure sealing in children and adolescents.

Helioseal F Plus, the fissure sealant from Ivoclar Vivadent, assists in the prevention of caries: The new sealant is flowable and can be optimally spread on complex surfaces – even in the upper jaw. It forms a tight marginal seal, which provides effective protection against cariogenic germs. Fine filler particles ensure a smooth sealant surface.

Helioseal® F Plus is a light-curing, white-pigmented fissure sealant featuring fluoride release. With the handy syringe, the fissure sealant can be precisely dispensed and applied exactly where it is needed. The syringe comes with a fine cannula that allows the fissure sealant to be applied quickly and precisely and prevents overfilling.

  • New formula for optimized consistency
  • Optimum sealing of pits and fissures with a complex morphology
  • Precise dispensing and application
  • Efficient treatment
  • Reduced exposure time
  • Quick, comfortable treatment of children


Helioseal F Plus is used for the sealing of pits, fissures and foramina caeca in deciduous or permanent dentitions. Helioseal F Plus is suitable for use in children, adolescents, and adults.

  • 1 x 1gm syringe
  • 1 x 5 Tips 

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