Oro Elastic Bouffant Caps (Pack of 80) Oro Elastic Bouffant Caps (Pack of 80)

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Oro Elastic Bouffant Caps (Pack of 80)

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Manufacturer: Oro

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  • Made of excellent Spun bound PP non-woven material.
  • The economical cap is ideal to maintain cleanness and hygiene where top covering is compulsory.
  • The cap is highly Breathable, light weight and antistatic with elegant look.
  • Controls hair while keeping cool
  • Lint free
  • Non-woven & breatheable material
  • 14g, strip type, dispensing box package

Disposable Cap is made from spun bond polymer non-woven fabric, spun-lace fabrics as the main raw material. This material is preferred for its lightweight. Its gravity is lighter than Hydrophobic PP fibers so it has excellent water repellency and air permeability resulting in providing comfort & dryness resulting in antibacterial and antifungal resistance.

  • Pack of 80

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