TDV Elastic Wedge

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TDV Elastic Wedge

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lastic interdental wedges.

TDV Elastic Wedges are intended for general use in restorative procedures and are compatible with all die systems. They have the mechanical function of adapting matrices and / or removing adjacent teeth, acting simultaneously on the buccal and lingual surfaces. Produced in 3 different color-coded sizes, the wedges are applied according to the cervico-occlusal height of the proximal box.

3.2 mm – Blue – indicated in cavities with Proximal Box of small cervical-occlusal height.

2.6 mm – Yellow – indicated in cavities with Proximal Box of average cervico-occlusal height.

2.0 mm – Green – indicated in cavities with Proximal Box of large cervical-occlusal height.


After installing the die, select the appropriate wedge for the procedure. 1-Fit the wedge into the clamp holder through its 2 larger holes. 2-Stretch the wedge until the central part reaches a thickness small enough to slide between the matrix and the adjacent tooth. 3-Position the wedge in the niche and disengage the tweezers. 4-After the procedure, pull the wedge at one end and cut it at the central part. Then remove the resulting parts from the patient’s mouth.

Sterilization :Sterilizable in chemical media.

Physical principle of operation:

The elasticity of the wedge allows its insertion into the niche with the aid of conventional clamp holders. By removing the pliers, the wedge contracts, adjusting the die and pushing away the adjacent tooth.

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