Oro Surgical Implant Consumable Kit

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Oro Surgical Implant Consumable Kit

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Manufacturer: Oro

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Implant kits are designed to maximize efficiency and simplify surgical procedures. We offer a range of surgical kits specially configured to meet doctors’ needs for virtually all clinical scenarios. The kit layout features an easy-to-follow protocol flow, to assist in economizing time and effort for every phase of surgery.

  • Color: Blue
  • Surical Gown: 2 Pcs
  • Surgical Hats: 2 Pcs
  • Hand Towel: 2 Pcs
  • Face Mask: 2 Pcs
  • Surgical Drape (80x100cm): 1 Pc
  • Fenestrated Surgical Drape (160x170cm): 1 Pc
  • Protective Sleeve for Tubing (8x120cm): 2 Pcs
  • Pairs of Non Slip Shoe Covers: 2 Pcs

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