Prime Dental Rc Help

Prime Dental Rc Help

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  • Prime Dental Rc helps 3gm Facilitates the search for calcified mouths of the root canals of teeth. 
  • Prime Dental Rc help facilitates the cleaning and formation of the root canal walls, due to the dissolution of calcium salts.
  • Isolates the active atomic oxygen during chemical interaction with sodium hypochlorite.
  • It has a whitening effect.
  • The more active the foaming, the deeper the material penetrates into the dentin and the better the softening process of the hard tissues.
  • Lubrication while bio-mechanical preparation.
  • Chelation of dentin due to the presence of EDTA.
  • Canal cleansing due to the presence of Carbamide Peroxide.

Prime Dental RC Help is a lubricating paste for root canal Biomech. Contains 15% EDTA with Cetrimide which has been used successfully in RCT for over 20 years. 

Composition -

  • The EDTA paste contains carbamide peroxide .

Indication -

  • Assists in debridement, clearing, and widening of the root canal.
  • Also softens dentine and facilitates instrumentation.
  • Lubricating paste for BMP. 

Advantages - 

  • Ease for preparations. 
  • Allows minimum condensation and packing. 
  • white colors provide good contrast.
  • The high rate of flow and thinner film.
  • Stable, reliable and effective chelating and sequestering solution.
  • Canal cleansing due to the presence of Carbamide Peroxide.
  • Increases RCT instrument's life. 
  • Gentle O2release while irrigating with NaOCl.
  • It avoids complications related to silica in the peri-apical region.
  • RC HELP can be dispensed by a needle in pulpal chamber directly or can be easily picked with the instrument to carry in a canal
  • 1 x 3g Syringe

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