Septodont Parcan

Septodont Parcan

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Manufacturer: Septodont

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  • Ready to use solution, specially formulated for use in endodontics.
  • Buffered and stabilized formulation, that maintains the solution properties throughout its shelf life.
  • Facilitates reaming through dissolution of the organic content of the root canal system.
  • Wide bactericidal spectrum, including the majority of endodontics pathogens.


  • Root canal irrigation.



  • 1 x 500 ml bottle

The root canal preparation. essential procedure for the success of the obturation, needs the use of irrigant solutions combined with a chemo­mechanical reaming.

PARCAN, a 3% sodium hypochlorite stabilized solution meets the requirements of the expected effects of an irrigation solution, i.e. :

- chemical effects by dissolution of the organic matrix of the dentin,

allowing to flare the canal easily.

- the bactericidal potency of sodium hypochlorite.

PARCAN is a stabilized and buffered sodium hypochlorite solution ready for use.

Directions for use

Pump 10 ml of solution in the syringe of the PARCAN KIT : then adjust the special needle provided with and carry out the canal irrigation.

Warnings and precautions for use

So as to eliminate any risks of injecting the product beyond the apex it is strongly recommended :

- to check the apical closure (the use of the product for immature teeth or teeth with root resorption is containdicated}

- to avoid using of the product under pressure.

Store away from heat and direct light.


Perfusion-type flask of 500 ml solution ready for use.

For professional use only in the practice of dentistry.

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