Septodont Calypso Mouthwash

Septodont Calypso Mouthwash

Septodont Calypso Mouthwash

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Manufacturer: Septodont

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Deal of the Month

  • Helps to prepare operatory field.
  • Ensures elimination of debris and blood during treatment.
  • Gives patient sensation of freshness between stages of dental work.
  • Comes in concentrated form, that dissolves immediately in water.
  • Mouthwash solution prior or during dental procedures
  • 1 x bottle of 500 ml ( Mint Flavour)

PROPERTIES Mouth washing with CALYPSO: -

prepares the operative field, - flushes out debris and blood during the procedure, - makes the patient’s mouth feel fresh between two steps of the procedure. Thanks to the three flavours (mint, orange, raspberry), the dentist can offer patients the mouthwash of their choice.

Sold in a concentrated form, CALYPSO immediately dissolves in water, which makes it very practical to use.

DIRECTION FOR USE Using the pump, put one dose of CALYPSO into a glass. Fill it with water. Do not swallow.

Remark: If the spittoon is scaled or worn, the pigments contained in the solution may adhere and tinge it.

PRESENTATION Pack of 3 500-ml bottles (mint, orange, raspberry or assorted flavours) + 3 dosing pumps.

For professional use only in the practice of dentistry.

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