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TDV Diamond Gloss

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TDV Diamond Gloss


Extra fine-grained micronized diamond polishing paste, intended for general clinical and laboratory use. Applied with the aid of felt or velvety discs, Diamond Gloss provides excellent gloss on dental enamel, ceramics, composite resin, amalgam and metal. The paste carrier, composed of water-soluble ingredients, facilitates its removal at the end of the procedure.


Diamond Gloss paste should be used in conjunction with felt discs or velvety discs, which enhances its action in the final polishing. Prepare the region to be polished, leaving it smooth and with the desired anatomy. Fit the disc to the end of the mandrel. Dispense the paste over the disc, or directly over the tooth or restorative material. Apply the product at low rotation, under low pressure, with intermittent touches and in circular movements.

Warnings, precautions and restrictions

Professional use Single use. When there is a proven allergy to any of its components, the product should not be used. During the application of the product the use of safety glasses by the professional is recommended. Follow the directions for use to prevent overheating of the surface. Keep the product in its original packaging always well sealed. Do not freeze the product.


Polyethylene glycol, diamond and flavoring. 


Store in a dry, cool and dark place.

2g General Purpose Diamond Polishing Paste

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