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  • Increases wettability of restorative materials in relation to resin cements, enhancing mechanical,
    physical and chemical adhesion between cement and restoration;
  • Increases resistance to dissolution by water at the cement-restoration interface.
  • Easy to use
  • Less evaporation
  • Enhances bonding of resin materials (resin and cements) to porcelain (ceramic)
  • and glass fiber
  • Solvent based on ethanol: less evaporation

Pre activated (ready to use).Adhesion promoter for ceramics and glass fibers


  • In metal-free dentistry, an adhesive technique is fundamental for the cementation of all-ceramic, indirect composite resin restorations and glass fiber posts.
  • Adhesion of resin cements to enamel and dentin through acid-etching and application of priming and bonding agents are well known and researched subjects.
  • However, how do resin cements bond to inorganic-based materials such as ceramics and glass fiber posts? Can bonding to cured composite resin be enhanced? The solution is in silanization.


  • Silanes are adhesion promoters between organic and inorganic materials. As bi-functional molecules, their silica radicals unite with the silica in the restorative materials and their organic radicals co-polymerize with the organic matrix of the resin.
  • Cements (methacrylates). Silanes are also called ceramic primers or bonding/coupling agents.
  • Adhesion promoter for porcelain (ceramic) and glass fiber.

Treatment of internal surfaces of porcelain restorations and glass fiber posts before cementation with resin cements.
Treatment of porcelain surfaces before repair with composite resin.
Treatment of porcelain surfaces before bonding of porcelain.

  • Bottle with 5ml

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