Coltene NT Premium Composite Kit

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Coltene NT Premium Composite Kit

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Indicated for use in restorations on anterior and posterior teeth, permanent or deciduous. 

Its innovative concept prioritizes aesthetic reconstruction using colors with differences in opacity and translucency.

NT Premium Intro Kit - 

  • 3 x 4gm Syinges Shade (A1,A2,A3)
  • 1 x 5ml One Coat Bond SL
  • 1 x Etchant Gel

1. Product Description
NT Premium is a nanohybrid aesthetic restorative composite that
is light-cured and radiopaque, used in direct and indirect restoration
procedures in the anterior and posterior regions, including the
construction of filling cores, deposited composite volumes to sustain
the outermost and aesthetic layer of the restoration. The material can
be modeled and cured directly onto the patient or, in the cases of
difficult access, a silicone mold can be made of the tooth for modeling
and curing outside the mouth {indirect restoration), with the polymerized
material bonded with the composite paste itself onto the tooth or other
composite layers. Before the polymerization the material has adhesive
properties on the material after polymerization, the same way that a layer
of composite sticks to another layer previously applied on the teeth (this
is the same resinous matrix). This allows a restoration be repaired later
with the same material, avoiding the removal of the original restoration
(conservative dentistry). The material will cure (harden) with the use of
halogen or LED type light.
NT Premium - Light-cured nanohybrid composite resin for anterior and
posterior teeth, containing 75% mineral fillers.
NT Premium Gum - Light-cured nanohybrid composite resin for
cervical coating, containing 75% mineral fillers for a quick and simplified
2. Indications
NT Premium
 Direct restorative in anterior and posterior teeth
Aesthetic corrections: diastema closure and anatomical malformation
Containment of mobile teeth
Inlays, onlays, veneers or direct and indirect slides
Ceramic repairs
« Reconstruction of Cusps
« Class V restorations (cervical caries, erosion of the cervix, small class
defects), especially for receding gums, due to periodontal disease.
NT Premium Gum
Developed for the cervical area
Class V restorations (cervical caries, erosion of the cervix, small class
V defects), especially for receding gums.

Coverage of the cervix of the exposed, colored and hypersensitive
teeth, especially in anterior teeth.

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