Mani Bulk Fill Composite

Mani Bulk Fill Composite

800 1440

Manufacturer: Mani

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  • Shade : Universal Dentine
  • Storage : Room Temperature away from Direct Sunlight and damp area.
  • Packed in 2 g Syringe
  • Upto 4 mm layers
  • Universal Dentine shade with natural color adjustment
  • Optimized flow behaviour
  • Excellent Physical Properties, High Radiopacity
  • Free of Bis-GMA- Optimized biocompatibility
  • Highly efficient handling to save time
  • Excellent adaption to cavity botton and cavity walls.
  • No Refrigeration required.

Mani Bulk Fill Composite

Mani BulkFill Composite is Light-curing, radiopaque posterior composite for easy and fast handling in bulk-fill technique. Mani BulkFill Composite is both flowable and highly viscous.


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