Mani Bond Selective Etch

Mani Bond Selective Etch

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Manufacturer: Mani

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  • Primer-and-Bond in one bottle, Single application.
  • No extra etching required - Saves your TIME and STEPS of restoration.
  • Short Polymerization time (10 sec).
  • Application time is enhanced for max. 3 mins.
  • No refrigeration is required – 2 years shelf life.
  • Free of TEGDMA / MMA - Biocompatible and long-lasting.
  • Mild etch: pH value > 2 – Gentle etching, reduces risk of hyper sensibilities.
  • High bonding strength - 24MPa on enamel and 26MPa on dentin
  • Compatible with all conventional light-cured composite materials.

MANI Bond comes with etching, priming and bonding in One bottle. The Optimized formula from Germany builds absolutely homogeneous adhesive layer avoiding “pooling “. Free of TEGDMA / MMA for exceptional bond strength onto natural dental enamel. The adhesive can be used in both self-etch and selective etch techniques.


  1. Direct, light-cured composite restorations onto natural teeth.
  2. Indirect restorations made from composite and ceramic (inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns) with light-cured and dual-cured luting composites.

  3. Intraoral repair of porcelain, composite and metal using light-cure composite resin

  4. Repairs fractured composite fillings

  5. MANI BOND is compatible with all conventional light-cured composite materials

Pack of : 1 x 5ml.

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