One Coat Bond SL

One Coat Bond SL

1300 2540

Manufacturer: Coltene

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  • Easy and precise application 
  • Homogeneous bond layer with one coat 
  • Solvent free (95% bond-5% water) - No evaporation - more number of applications
  • Excellent marginal integrity and strong shear bond strength
  • High degree of technique tolerance - dry, moist or wet field
  • Base to avoid post operative sensitivity 
  • Universal use - can be used for repair of metal crowns and bridges with composites also

A strong dentin and enamel bond

The hydrophilic nature of One Coat Bond SL guarantees a good wetting of the tooth surface and facilitates thorough penetration into collagen fibers and dentinal tubules.

Solvent-free – homogeneous bondlayer

One Coat Bond SL is compatible with water and does not require carrier solvent such as acetone or ethanol. Thus, One Coat Bond SL excludes solvent-related postoperative sensitivity while providing a consistent, homogeneous composition from the first to the last drop.

Bottle of 5 ml

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