Meta Netc(Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement)

Meta Netc(Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement)

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Manufacturer: Meta Biomed

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  • Meta NETC is a Temporary Cement For Crowns


  • Easy to mix by paste-paste type.
  • Working time of 1.5 minutes after start of mixing.
  • Setting time of 4 minutes after start of mixing.
  • Especially suitable for use on patients with sensitvity to engenol.

 Package Contents

  • 60g Base paste, 20g Catalyst paste, Mixing pad
  • STEP1-Use NETC at ambient temperature of 18℃~23℃(64℉~73℉) and relative humidity of 45~55%
  • STEP2-Dispense two equal length of base and catalyst paste on mixing pad.
  • Close the tube immediately after use.
  • STEP3-Use a spatula to thoroughly mix the base and catalyst for 20~30 seconds.
  • STEP4-Insert paste into temporary crown or bridge and seat onto the prepared dry tooth.
  • STEP5-Allow to set (4 minutes after start of mixing ) and trim excess.

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