3M Relyx U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

3M  Relyx U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

3M Relyx U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

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Manufacturer: 3M

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Deal of the Month

  • Comfortable and easy delivery in automix syringe.
  • Comfortable handling.
  • Optimal consistency for dispensing and seating.
  • Flexible dosing.
  • Time-saving.
  • A great choice of tips allows always easy application of paste directly into the cavity.
  • Low risk of air bubbles and voids.
  • Simple and time-saving one-step solution..
  • Only a few working steps required.
  • No pre-treatment such as etching, priming or bonding necessary.
  • High-performing self-adhesive resin cement.
  • RelyX™ U200 Cement is strong where it counts and offers high adhesion, resistance to discolouration, long-term stability and almost no post-operative sensitivities.
  • Its exceptionally simple handling, dispensing, treatment and overall working conditions makes this cement a favourite for dentists who are counting on uncompromising quality.


RELYX™ U200 – the latest generation of the world´s most clinically proven self-adhesive resin cement – is available in the clicker™ dispenser and in an easy-to-use automix syringe.
Comfortable and easy delivery.

  • Simple and time-saving one-step solution.
  • High-performing self-adhesive resin cement.
  • Also available in the Clicker™ Dispenser.
  • Delivers pre-measured doses for consistent and economical mixing.Choice of dispensed amount – 11 g dispensed in 80 clicks (approx. 40 applications).
  • Improved mixing through new technology.
  • INDICATIONS-All-ceramic, composite, or metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
  • Posts and screws.
  • 2- or 3-unit Maryland bridges.
  • 3-unit inlay/onlay bridges.
  • All-ceramic, composite, or metal restorations to implant abutments.
  • 1 Clicker™ Dispenser (11 g), 1 mixing pad.

The combination of proven RelyX™ Unicem and RelyX™ U100 technology with new innovative features makes RelyX™ U200 cement a convenient and powerful, high performing product.

Bond strength

The bond strength of RelyX Unicem and RelyX U100 is clinically proven for years. The next generation is even better, ensuring an extremely durable bond of the restoration.

Mixing properties

The mixing quality is very important for final material performance. To achieve best mixing results, either by hand-mixing or in a static mixing tip, the catalyst and base pastes need to combine easily. RelyX U200 catalyst and base pastes are well matched to each other in their flow properties (Fig. 2). The improved rheology leads to an easier mixing of the two pastes – helping you achieve a homogeneously mixed material which can perform reliably in the clinical application.

Bond strength

RelyX™ U200 Automix and Clicker™ perform at a high level on all substrates (Fig. 3, 4, 5). The interface to tooth structure as well as to restoration materials is reliably bonded.

Long-term stability

The pH-value increases during the setting of RelyX™ U200. Immediately after mixing RelyX U200, the cement paste is very acidic. Within a few minutes the pH-value starts to increase and within 24 hours reaches a neutral level. After application to the tooth, the low pH-value of RelyX U200 cement is crucial for the self-adhesive mechanism, whereas the pH increase is an essential prerequisite for the long-term stability of the cement. The unique chemical formulation of RelyX U200 raises its pH to a neutral level after application. This contributes to the material becoming hydrophobic, meaning it is better able to resist water uptake, staining and cracking.

Esthetics Compared

to other leading products, RelyX U200 shows the lowest discoloration after incubation in a coffee solution. The pictures show cement samples after storage in standardized coffee solution for 3 days at 36 °C. 3.3

Advantages compared

To multi-step resin cements Adhesive cementation poses a recurring technical challenge for dentists and dental assistants. To securely bond a restoration to the tooth structure, a resin cement with an adhesive bonding system requires many more steps than RelyX™ U200 self adhesive resin cement.

Cementing Fiber Post and RelyX™ U200

using Needle Tubes For cementing root canal posts, e. g. with RelyX™ Fiber Post, with RelyX U200, we recommend using needle tubes. The needle tubes can be filled with the mixed cement and facilitate access to the root canal. With needle tubes, the cement can be directly applied into the canal to fill it from bottom to top. Compared to the traditional method of coating the post with cement before insertion, the risk of entrapping air bubbles and voids is lower. The results are strong and virtually void-free post cementations.


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