Septodont Aspirating Indian

Septodont Aspirating  Indian

Septodont Aspirating Indian

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Manufacturer: Septodont

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SEPTODONT ASPIRATING SYRINGES Septodont dental aspirating syringes are lightweight, durable and contain no removable parts. Best of all, they are available in three distinct sizes to fit your specific injection style. They offer lightweight aluminum construction of thumb rings, wings, and a surgical grade stainless-steel body.

Septodont Standard (gold) syringe is equipped with a larger thumb ring and offers a standard length plunger for improved comfort.

Septodont Fusion (titanium) has a medium thumb ring and a standard length plunger.


Our Septoject XL needles offer a large bore design – 43% wider than a standard needle. It requires less pressure for injection.


Our Eco syringes share the same basic design of our Septodont syringes but replace the aluminum thumb ring and wings with stainless steel making them more cost-effective.

  • Injection of local anaesthetic solution. It is Ergonomic - available in 3 distinct sizes to provide better control and added comfort when aspirating. Aspirating syringe Small is ideal for smaller hands - equipped with a smaller thumb ring, finger grip and a shorter plunger length to reduce hand stress during aspiration. Aspirating syringe Standard is equipped with a larger thumb ring and offers the standard length plunger. It is light weight - made of surgical grade aluminium & stainless steel - to reduce hand stress during injection. It contains no removable parts and accept 1.7 / 1.8 ml dental cartridges.
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