Septodont BioRoot RCS

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Septodont BioRoot RCS

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Features & benefits

  • Outstanding adhesion to dentin* and gutta-percha points
  • Hydrophilic - BioRoot RCS continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture
  • Pure mineral formulation - will not stain teeth
  • Resin-free - made from pure calcium silicate and is monomer-free ensuring zero shrinkage**
  • Great flowability - seals auxilliary canals
  • Uses cold single cone or cold lateral condensation
  • High 5mm Al radiopacity for clear images on radiographs


  • Permanent root canal sealer


  • 15gm bottle, 35 x 0.20mL liquid pipette. 1 measuring spoon

COMPOSITION Powder based on tricalcium silicete, zirconium. oxide and Povidone.

Aqueous solution of calcium chlorice anc polycarboxylate.


BioRoct™ ACS is a boactive m...er2' root canal sealer based on Septodont patentec

and innovative mineral mioro-aggregale chemistry “Active Bicsilicate Technology”

that offers :

+ High mineral purity anc monomer free ‘ormulation

* Hydroxyapatite formation at the tocth-sealer terface and mineralization of tre

coniing! structure


+  Amimicrosia: properies

+ Resistance to microleakege

*  Radiopacity

* Easy handing

+ Retreatabie

BioRoot™ ACS can be considered compiete'y MA-safe with ne patertial for inleract:or

with the MR field.

BioRoot™ 8CS is suitable for use dt “ing p-egnancy.


* BloRoot™ RCS is nighly biocempatibla and reduces the rsk af adverse tissue


+ BloRoot™ RCS stimulates bene physivlogical process ac mineralization of the

dentinal structure. BioRoot ™ RCS therefore croaies a lavorabie environment for

penapical healing

* BioRnet™ RCS preverss bacterial growth leading to clinical faitures


+ BioRoot '™ SCS crysiallization creates a tignt seal within the dentin tubules


+ BioRoot' RCS cun be vasily removed from the roat canal if a retreatment is



Permanent root canal fillirg in combination with gutta-percha points in vital or necrotic

pulp cases or after a revreatment procedure.

BioRcot'™ RCS is cuitable lor use in single cane techrique or cold laleral condensation.


Allergy to cne of the components.


No adverse effects known.


The mix sraust be made axtemporareousiy.

1? Collect the sowder wilh Ihe spnen supplied in thie 90x, Put a level sooontul of the

powder on the mixing pad.

2! Detach a mxing solution single dose container. Twist cap to o9en. Pour 5 drops

fram the single dese container on the mixing pad.

3¢ Prepare the root cana! sealer by progressively adding powder to Ihe tiquid. Mix

until obtaining a smocth pasia (about 60 secunds}. As soon as a smooth, creany

consistency :s cbte'ned, do not incorporate any remaining powder into the liquid.


4 Immediately rinse anc clean the Instruments to "emove ary resicual material.

5¢ BioRoot™ RCS 42s a minimum working time of 10 minutes and a maximum seating

lime of 4 hours.


4% Pertorm the root canai cieaning and shaping procedure using standard endodontic


2! Select standardized gulia-vercha muster cone ard check -hat it fits snugly at the

working iength,

3/ Dry the canal with paper points. :

4! Prepare BioRoot™ RCS according to the above mentioned mixing instruct:ons.

&! Apply a coatng of BioRoot™ RCS onto ‘he canal wal's using either a paper pa-at

or the gutta-percha point.

6! Complete the obturaticn by insert:xg the gutta-percha master cone previously

coated with BloRoot™ RCS (single cone technique) or several coatec gutta-percha

Points (Jateral condensation technique).

7! Assess tne quality of tne root canal f-1ing with a radiograph.

8 Use a ot insltument to sever the pralauding gutls-percha

9/ Perform the temoorary restoraticn using any temporary ‘illing mate-ial.

10/ It a post placement is required, it should be performed after complete rarcening of

BioRoot™ RCS, i.e. benveen + week and 1 month.

A radiograph shouid be taken to asceriain the persistence of 3 ta § mn of the

apical root teling.


Since BioRoot™ RCS is used in comb‘nation with gutta-percha points, it can be

removed using conventional rerroval techniques.


+ Ensure that the rubber dam is prooesly placed so as to completely isolate the

Operating field

- In case of a wide azical foramen, an apexification of the root srould precede the

root canal filling.


Stora in a dry piace.

Single dose containers Must be uscd immad:ately afler opening. Any remaining

material should be discarded.

Use the powder within 6 months after first opening.


  • - 1 bottle of 15 g poweer
  • - 36 liquid single-cose containers

For professiona! dental use onty


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