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Esthetic Plus silicone brushes have been developed to easily and accurately accommodate resins in direct and indirect restorations. For this, the kit has a straight cable that facilitates the work in the vestibular region of the anterior teeth as well as for laboratory work. Also included in the kit is an angled cable that facilitates access to the lingual region of the anterior teeth as well as to the posterior teeth. The interchangeable brushes, made of silicone rubber, are anti-adherent and its four different shapes and two consistencies (soft and hard) allow to model the resin to obtain the natural anatomy of the tooth.The ability to rotate the brushes over the end of the cable optimizes comfort during use. The accommodation of the subsequent resin increments with the Esthetic Plus brushes avoid the typical lines and marks generated by hard instruments and consequently the differences in brightness and color they produce.


Select the cable and brush that best fits the needs of the job in question. Snap the brush on the end of the cable. The brushes can be rotated over the end of the cable until you find the position suitable for the job in question. Accommodate the resin with light and intermittent touches.



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