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TDV Prophylactic Strips

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The Stainless Steel Prophylactic strip is an indispensable aid in prophylaxis procedures for the removal of dental plaque and tartar without damaging the enamel surface. They are none abrasive, the tartar and plaque are removed by a mechanical action provided by the circular micro-blades, located around the holes on one of the strip’s faces, have as main characteristic the powerful mechanical action against the calculus, thus, preserving the integrity of enamel and restorative materials.  Due to its narrow thickness, it easily accesses the interproximal region, where its active face efficiently removes dental calculus.

  • Easy, fast and safe to remove tartar without damaging the enamel or restoration materials
  • Non-abrasive
  • Easily accesses the interdental areas
  • Sterilisable by any means. Autoclave at 126 degree C
  • Autoclavable


Size: 4mm x 100mm

Packing: Each pack contains 10 pieces.

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