TempoSIL 2

TempoSIL 2

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Manufacturer: Coltene

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  • secure adhesion of provisional restorations to natural tooth structure, core build up material and metal alloys as well as zirconia
  • simple application as well as easy removal
  • fast setting time
  • two shades for esthetic applications
  • superior marginal integrity

The allrounder cement

The temporary A-silicone-cement TempoSIL 2 guarantees optimal adhesion on different surfaces as well as superior marginal integrity. The ideally balanced modulus of elasticity of the TempoSIL 2 formulation ensures for trouble-free removal of excess temporary cement. For esthetic applications, TempoSIL 2 is available in 2 different shades: white and dentin. 

  • 2 x11g Smartmix syringe
  • 15 x Mixing tips

Definition TempoSIL 2

is a temporary, radiopaque A-Silicone cement, with two different shades, dentin and white and is designed for short-term temporary applications (designed to be used for max. 30 days).


Zinc oxide,Polydimethylsiloxane

Indications for Use – Temporary cementation of provisional restorations – Temporary cementation of provisional restorations on implant abutments – Temporary cementation of final crowns and bridges – Temporary cementation of final crowns and bridges on implant abutments

Safety information – Only supplied to dentists and dental laboratories or upon their instructions.

– Always store the TempoSIL 2 syringe with the Mixing Tip attached. This seals the syringe and prevents contamination. – Always wear gloves. – Skin secretions, latex gloves and surfaces contaminated by latex gloves may interfere with the setting process of A-Silicones. – Compounds containing eugenol, hemostatic agents or some anaesthetics may also impede setting.

– A-Silicones have a high degree of biological compatibility with no known harmful reactions or secondary effects on patients or dental personnel. – TempoSIL 2 is designed to set intra-orally.



Clinical Time Working Time ≤ 0:50 min Setting Time ≥ 2:00 min High temperatures accelerate and low temperatures decelerate the setting process. Application  Skin secretions, latex gloves and surfaces contaminated by latex gloves may interfere with the setting process of A-Silicones. Touch material and the preparation with thoroughly washed and rinsed latex gloves (wash for 15 s with a detergent, rinse with water for another 15 s) or use latex-free gloves.

1. Gently dry the prepared tooth surface by using oil-free compressed air. Do not overdry. The best results will be achieved, when the prepared tooth surface looks moist (shiny).

2. Cleanse and dry the inside of the restoration.

3. Remove the syringe plug on the syringe and discard.

4. Extrude a small amount of material directly out of the syringe onto a paper towel / tissue until it is evident that base and catalyst are being ejected. This ensures proper mixing.

5. Immediately wipe the syringe orifice to remove excess material.

6. Attach the Mixing Tip to the syringe by aligning the prongs inside the Mixing Tip with the syringe orifice. Seat onto the syringe and twist clockwise (90 °) to lock in place. 7. Apply TempoSIL 2 directly from the syringe into the provisional. Seat the provisional, applying slight pressure. Secure undisturbed for 30 -60 s.

8. After setting, remove the excess material (e.g. scaler).

9. After syringe use, disinfect used Mixing Tip and store the syringe with the used Mixing Tip attached. Remove used Mixing Tip prior to using the syringe again. Bleed syringe to check that material ejects evenly. Attach new Mixing Tip.


Caution Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dentist.


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