Dentsply Prime & Bond Universal

Dentsply Prime & Bond Universal

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Manufacturer: Dentsply Sirona

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Dentsply Prime & Bond Universal 2.5ml

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Dentsply Prime & Bond Universal 4ml

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Inherent surface tension prevents other adhesives from spreading easily across the surface of the cavity. Dry spots that remain unbonded can weaken the restoration and may lead to post-operative sensitivity and microleakage. Prime&Bond universal™ is formulated to spread actively, minimizing the risk of inadvertently leaving dry spots.


Thick adhesives can have a tendency to pool in the corners of the proximal box of a Class II restoration. These adhesive pools can show up as translucent areas on a radiograph, which can easily be misdiagnosed as a void, gap, or secondary decay, leading to unnecessary replacement. Thicker adhesives may also change crown prep geometry, impacting crown fit. Prime&Bond universal™ self-levels to actively create a thin, uniform adhesive layer. 

Prime&Bond universal™ provides :

  • All etching methods, all indications for more versatility
  • Active moisture control
  • Active spreading
  • Low film thicknessActive tubule penetration

Selective enamel etching – ideal for class II restorations. Get high bond strength in dentin, a tight seal at the enamel margin and minimal etchant exposure.

2 Prime&Bond universal™ - product description Prime&Bond universal™ is a one-component universal dental adhesive. It is available in:  Tri-layer bottle with flip-top-cap  Disposable containers for single patient use Prime&Bond universal™ is indicated for:  Direct, light cured composite and compomer restorations  Composite, ceramic and amalgam repairs  Cavity varnish for use with fresh amalgam  Indirect restorations and endodontic posts cemented with Calibra® Ceram  Direct dual cure / self cure composite restorations and core build-ups1  Cementation of indirect restorations and endodontic posts using dual cure / self cure resin cements1



Dentsply Prime And Bond Universal 4ml

Prime&Bond universal™ introduces the new, patented Active-Guard™

Our formulation provides well balanced hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties to ensure complete coverage and penetration at varying moisture levels. So even if dentin is overly wet or dry, you get a reliable bond that actively guards against the leading causes of adhesive failure.



  • Flip-top cap for one-handed opening.
  • Precise dispensing for minimal waste and mess.
  • Low viscosity for easy application.
  • Up to 30 minutes working time in a closed.
  • CliXdish™, reducing waste when filling multiple cavities.


Packaging :-

  • 1 x 4ml Bottle

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